Possessing Beauty

There are a few places on Earth that captivate you to the point of blissful surrender. Whether it was the Angel Glacier appearing spiritually from behind dark stormy clouds in Jasper or the local sin... Read More

Pueblo Blancos

Built around the 3rd to 2nd century BC by the Romans, the Pueblo Blancos of Andalusia are spectacular whitewashed towns and villages that dot the steep slopes of the mountains of Andalusia between t... Read More

Cafe Madrid

El Paseo – or the post-dinner walk. A centuries old Spanish tradition, being morphed and expanded in scope into what is now commonly known as Tapas bar hopping. But it was more than that. It w... Read More

El Albayzin

The view of the Alhambra from Albayzin in Granada with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada looming in the backdrop is one of the most magical sights of Andalusia, Spain. Granada, with the Alhambra, was the ... Read More